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California Coalition of War Veterans


California Coalition of War Veterans


We, the people of the United States, must take an interest and get involved.  Diversion and complacency are costing us our Quality of Life (QOL).

The population of the United States is divided ideologically between Americanism and anti-Americanism. This is a matter of patriotism and not politics. The intention of the Advocates of Americanism is to elevate the awareness of the need for the revitalization of Americanism.  The nation is under a veil of misinformation and distraction.

When reading or receiving current events, be aware that you need to question the interpretation of the current events, because of the prevalence of propaganda.


     Be aware of The Great Reset.  It is the economic portion of the international intention to dislodge Americanism as the establishment paradigm of the United States. Our Quality of Life is in jeopardy.  Learn all about it.  Read on. Irrefutable facts.  Unassailable references.

  • Elevate the awareness of this national crisis. Refer people to this website.      
  • Buy and Hold an Ounce of Gold, that will strengthen all of our US dollars!
  • Revitalize Americanism and the commitment to it.     

     The Great Reset is an attempt to shift the establishment paradigm of the United States away from Americanism to Globalism.  This threat can be neutralized by revitalizing Americanism.  Learn more in the information that follows.  Americanism is that paradigm which has as its central theory the contention that:

     "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

Which position will you adopt?  How will you decide?  How will you let others know which side you are on?

For a detailed description of the whole American paradigm see Steven Rabb's extraordinary book, The Founders Speech to a Nation in Crisis: What the Founders would say to America Today  (pub. Oct. 2020)

A multitude of anti-establishment forces have intentionally disrupted the function and coordination of the United States society.  The question is whether there is a culture-wide dissatisfaction with the theory and application, or if there is a unified challenge in progress under the control of a single entity.

The case presented is that the Trilateral Commission has the assets, the influence, the motivation, and the intention to dislodge Americanism and replace it with Globalism, which is the central theory of the New World Order.  The Trilateral Commission working through the Open Society Foundations under the direction of George Soros has financed over 1000 anti-establishment groups.

The United States government is failing in its obligation to recognize and divulge the correlation between the United States, the New World Order, Globalism, the Open Society Institute and George Soros along with the activities of the Trilateral Commission. The media has the obligation to report this accurately and completely.  If there is some  organization other than the Trilateral Commission that might organize and fund the Velvet Revolution currently underway, that too must be made public.

The survival of Americanism depends upon our knowledge and awareness of Americanism and our commitment to it.

Conscious commitment to Americanism will nullify insidious indoctrination to anti-Americanism.

To know Americanism is to love it!

If you love Americanism, let it be known!



A previous effort to explore the Quality of Life (QOL) for elder veterans from the perspective of Security grew out of proportion and took on a life of its own. 

Our story is that of an established society defending its paradigm against virtually unbeatable odds.

An establishment paradigm is the soul of the society.  It is the composite of all the elements that convey sovereignty for a nation.

Americanism is the establishment paradigm of the United States.  It is being challenged by the theory of Globalism.

Globalism is the theory that was developed and used by the Trilateral Commission.

The Trilateral Commission is an organization that was commissioned by the Federal Government for the distribution of aid and assistance during the Cold War.  There are control centers in England for Europe, in Japan for Asia, and in the United States for the Americas.  Hence, the designation of Trilateral.  It now operates in the United States as the Open Society Institute.

The United Nations has adopted Globalism as its agenda.  The program is now designated as The New World Order.

All 193 member nations have subscribed.  The United States is a formidable and troublesome dissenter.  Americanism and Globalism are incommensurate.

The concept of private property is indispensable to Americanism.  Private property is rejected unequivocally by Democratic Socialism which is fundamental to Globalism.

The New World Order is actively intent upon dislodging Americanism and replacing it with Globalism.

Fortunately, the Trilateral Commission will avoid a shooting conflict as unnecessary and undesirable.  Time is on their side.  They have a tested procedure for hostile regime change known as a Velvet Revolution.  Moreover, this is not a political challenge; it is a sociological phenomenon.

Douglas Schoen, a strategist for the Democratic Party, surveyed the crisis plaguing the United States in his book America: Unite or Die: How to Save our Democracy, written from a political perspective and published after this website was constructed.

He recognized that the effects were ubiquitous throughout the entire social structure.  He concluded that concessions and cooperation between the political parties would provide a solution.  He overlooked and did not connect the influence of the Trilateral Commission as though the Trilateral Commission didn't affect the political sphere.  From the sociological perspective the paradigm of Americanism is being challenged by the Anti-American theory of Globalism.

Americanism and Globalism are incommensurate theories.  They are irreconcilable.  There can be no concession other than capitulation and no zero sum cooperation.  Political differences merely serve as distractions.

The leadership of both major political parties is infiltrated with Globalists.  All politicians go to similar schools, take similar courses, and are hired by the same benign monopolistic company all of which produce a similar world view.

All the chaos that is prevalent at every level of every segment of our society can be attributed to the Open Society Institute.  If the Anti-American sentiment can be pushed to the tipping point of critical mass, Americanism will cease to function as a paradigm and the social system will disintegrate.

Politics is not the nemesis but both parties together could not sustain the paradigm without the support of the significant majority of the entire population.  This situation cannot be understood from a political perspective nor resolved with a simple majority of the voting public.  The entire population must be involved for the challenge to be definitively negated.

It will behoove us, you and me, to live our commitment to Americanism by elevating the public awareness of the situation and revitalizing a healthy commitment to Americanism.

              What is Americanism?

                         Who has Americanism?

                                    Why be concerned for Americanism?

Have you ever asked yourself what is happening to the SECURITY in the United States?

Have you noticed that things are not happening the way they are supposed to be expected to happen? There is chaos in the streets with protestors protesting the protestors.  Public and private property is being destroyed.  People are being injured and killed in what are being sarcastically called peaceful demonstrations.  Legal authority is being ignored.  There is chaos in and between churches.  There is chaos in the schools and in the economy.  Even Congress is in chaos.  The society is in disarray and chaos reigns!

The events of 2020 seem to have been the culmination of an anti-establishment thrust to destabilize and dislodge the entire United States social establishment.  Not just the government and the legal structure but the entire social paradigm, including the historical traditions, the economic accomplishments, and the very culture as well.  

Flash: November 23, 2021.  It was just announced today that an organized affront against private property has begun in California! In San Francisco and the Bay Area, among other places people are entering stores in organized groups as large as eighty people and taking out whatever they wish. It is called a smash and grab frenzy!  People are going into restaurants, eating and leaving  without paying, confident there will be no legal repercussions.  

The chaos increases!

The revolution is still in progress!

The movement was mammoth and only the Trilateral Commission could have organized and financed such an undertaking.  Since 1979, through the Open Society Foundation, the Trilateral Commission has disbursed $32 billon to Anti-American groups and causes.  It has $19 billon in reserve.


The information presented here is readily available from usual, reliable sources, and it is unrefuted.  The content here is logical and sequential.  It is original and unavailable elsewhere.

The following is startling information about the Trilateral Commission.

The Trilateral Commission is an international organization expressly intent upon abolishing Americanism. The Commission feels that abolishing Americanism is necessary for the greater good of the rest of the world.  (See The Trilateral Commission and Global Governance: Informal Elite Diplomacy, 1972-1982 by Dino Knudsen) The Commission has developed a technique for regime change known as a Velvet Revolution, (See Living the Velvet Revolution by Sunny Lockwood; currently also referred to as the Colour Revolution. For strategy see which the Trilateral Commission has exercised in various parts of the world.  The current chaos in the United States has all the ear marks of a Trilateral Velvet Revolution.

The Trilateral Commission was formed in 1973 by David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski (See Zbigniew Brzezinski: America's Grand Strategist by Justin Vaisse and Catherine Porter-translator) for the United States and its allies to be used in foreign affairs to counteract the Soviet expansion during the Cold War.  Zbigniew Brzezinski was the theorist and the chief strategist, as well as counselor to Presidents.  (See Between Two Ages: America's Role in the Technetronic Era by Zbigniew Brzezinski)

David Rockefeller was the president of Chase Bank and the brother of Nelson Rockefeller, Vice President to President Richard Nixon.  David Rockefeller was in charge of lining up financing and logistics, as well as arranging for communications in conjunction with the New York Times.

The Trilateral Commission has headquarters in England for Europe, in Japan for Asia, and in the United States for the Americas.  Hence, the derivation of the title, Trilateral Commission.

There is much to tell about the Trilateral Commission and more will be told elsewhere.  For now, it is being introduced to point out its place in the world and to offer evidence of its ability to surreptitiously abolish Americanism. (See Trilaterals Over Washington by Patrick Wood and Anthony Sutton.)

The Trilateral Commission avoids publicity by virtue of its affiliation with the New York Times.  The New York Times is the central source of information used by most other news outlets in the United States.  The Trilateral Commission is active in the United States and as legal as any political party.  It is as authentic as your bank account.  

The Trilateral Commission meets in the springtime every year in Paris.  The 2021 meeting was virtual.  The United States was the sponsor.  Meghan O'Sullivan, the chairperson for the Trilateral Commission for the Americas, hosted the conference.

The Trilateral Commission took its talents into China by invitation in 1976.  China was near financial collapse and facing the possibility of famine.  Richard Nixon was President at the time and Henry Kissinger was in charge of the operation.  The results were astounding.

However, the Watergate scandal that Richard Nixon found himself involved in deterred the Trilateral Commission.  The Trilateral Commission then chose Jimmy Carter as a desirable next president of the United States.  Jimmy Carter was trained under Zbigniew Brzezinski.  The Trilateral Commission with money and political know-how were effective in getting Jimmy Carter elected to the office of President of the United States.

President Carter deposed the Shaw of Iran in favor of the Muslims and ceded the Panama Canal to China.  By 1979, China was on its way to becoming the world dominating power it intends itself to be.  The United States, through the Trilateral Commission, made China what it is today.

China is a Technocracy governed by social engineers who are installed and replaced according to unspecified scientific criteria.  (See Technocracy Rising by Patrick Wood) During the current period, in the United States, we have an example of governing by scientists in the management of the Corona Virus Pandemic.  In the same period more people died from abortions, 1,000,000 than from the Virus, 500,000.

Technocracy is more in keeping with Sheria Law than it is with Constitutional Law.  Sheria Law walks hand in hand with Muslimism.  Muslimism and Christianity are mutually exclusive.  (See Dark Agenda by David Horowitz)

China was the poster child for the New World Order that President Bush first favorably announced in 1990.

Globalism, not Americanism, is the theory for the proposed paradigm of the New World Order.  (See the Green New Deal and the United Nations Agenda 2030) The most salient differences between Americanism and Globalism are:
no patriotism, no God, no private property, no nuclear family, or other obstructing items of Americanism that might disturb the purpose of perfecting a Globalist Society.

Americanism has it the other way around.  According to Americanism, the individual is not for the society, but rather the society is for the individual to help them in the pursuit of happiness.

The Trilateral Commission was instrumental in ending the Cold War.  At the end of the Cold War, they established the Open Society Institute for the current international post war operations and put George Soros in charge.  (See Open Society: Reforming Global Capitalism by George Soros)

Saul Alinsky (See Fanning the Flames: How Saul Alinsky taught the radical left to use ridicule slander and intimidation to silence conservative and advance its radical agenda by Peter Pappas) provided a connection with the Mafia, another international organization with ties from the city streets to the halls of Congress and on to the office of the President of the United States.

Saul Alinsky understudied Al Capone (See Al Capone: His Life Legacy, and Legend by Deirdre Bair) to learn the strategies and methods of the Mafia.  (See Killing the Mob by Bill O’Reilly) Alinsky then went on to become a university professor and as such mentored both Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barak Obama among other notables.  (See Saul Alinsky’s book, Rules for Radicals)

George Soros, with the help of Bill Gates and the financial participation from Warren Buffet, sold Globalism and the New World Order to the United Nations, and all 193 members of the United Nations agreed.  The Vatican is the only sovereign nation that is not a member of the United Nations due to Church Law.  However, Pope Francis denounces Capitalism and applauds the New World Order as well.

With Globalism so popular at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, it should be no surprise that it has many adherents in nearby Washington D.C.

Bill Clinton is a Trilateralist, as were 11 of the 16 cabinet members of the Obama Administration.  There are 90 Trilateralists in the United States.  They are in the company of 390 of the most wealthy, influential, and powerful individuals in the world.  Membership is by invitation only.

 President Obama, in an interview, stated that he did not know at the time whether he was a member.  The first President Bush was a member.  The second President Bush apparently was never invited.  The supporters and advocates of the Trilateral Commission number in the millions worldwide.

This author suspects that there were other undisclosed transgressions that caused the Trilateral Commission to sanction the Bank of England.  However, George Soros and the Open Society literally broke the Bank of England in 1992.

Speaking of money, George Soros and Hillary Clinton arranged to fund the Democratic Party through the organization they share, which has been dubbed the Shadow Party.  (See The Shadow Party: How George Soros, Hillary Clinton, and Sixties Radicals Seized control of the Democratic Party by David Horowitz, and Richard Poe) They have picked up the tab for the activities of the Democratic Party since 2004, after ironically backing the McCain-Feingold Act: Campaign Finance Reform Law, 2002.  They ingeniously fragmented one legally appropriate Open Society Fund into 500 smaller funds.

The Trilateral Commission strongly influences energy production, food production, waste disposal, transportation, shipping, related unions, communications both written and electronic, the internet, television, entertainment, education, and both political parties.  They have access to virtually all the money in the world!

Money is but a tool to the Trilateral Commission.  Banks and financial institutions in the United States and abroad are related by money.  The Trilateral Commission has now taken a vital interest in digital crypto currency, to the detriment of the future of the U.S.  dollar as the universal currency.

The Trilateral Commission is the main promoter of 5G technology.  They court the NATO high command and bask in an aura of approval.  They aspire to control all of the raw materials in the world for SMART Management.  This is the same sustainable development SMART as is your cell phone.


2020 was a SMART year for an upheaval for the United States.  That is the situation and the problem the Nation faces.

According to Thomas S. Kuhn‘s works, (See The Structure of Scientific Revolutions by T.S. Kuhn) the establishment paradigm, Americanism, is being challenged effectively by the theory of Globalism. T. S. Kuhn was a professor of the History of Science who studied the forming and disintegration of societies to learn the explanation for breakthroughs in scientific communities.


Americanism is that paradigm that has as its central theory the contention that

"We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that
all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their
Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are
Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness."

That concept is the motivating factor for the
Declaration of Independence.

An American is therefore incontrovertibly an individual committed to Americanism, not necessarily a voter nor even a citizen.  It is the intellectual commitment to Americanism
that counts.

  The most indispensable action necessary to support Americanism, is to identify anti-Americanism and reject it.

The purpose of the United States Constitution is to promote, preserve, and protect Americanism.

Americans need one fast reliable test for distinguishing thoughts, words, organizations, and individuals that represent Americanism from others that don’t.  The best test is the concept of Americanism itself.

The following is an explanation of the terms in the paradigm of Americanism.

  • We hold these truths a truth is a conclusion consistent with the facts
  • to be self-evident that right reason requires no proof beyond the facts themselves
  • that all men are created equal this includes all people and refers to social standing
  • and endowed by their creator science and common experience proves that things do exist.  Some of those things must by necessity be creations and for every creation, there must be one or more creators.  Language, for example, has many creators. The ultimate creator is demonstrably a philosophical and scientific truth, while God is a matter of belief.  A belief is a conclusion accepted as true where not all of the necessary facts to arrive at that conclusion are available. However humans live more by what they believe than by what they know.
  • with certain unalienable rights for every unalienable right there is absolute responsibility
  • life is the ability to become, to reproduce and to die without suffering an essential change
    The U.S. government cannot take innocent life with impunity under any circumstances, not even under combat conditions.
  • liberty is the ability to choose freely and to freely pursue those choices to their conclusion
  • happiness is the gratification that results from the realization of potential.  All living things are sustained in life by the quest for pleasure and the avoidance of pain.  Humans are motivated more by the pursuit of happiness than by either pleasure or pain.

Since happiness is the gratification that results from the realization of potential, it follows therefrom that the greatest realization of the greatest potential will produce the greatest happiness.  That raises the question as to which is man's greatest potential?  This is the challenge that Globalism presents.  Is it man's greatest potential to serve the society man and his peers have created, or is it service to the Creator that created both man and his peers?

The natural formation and development of a society is as follows:

1 - A society is a group of two or more individuals working together for the accomplishment of a common purpose.  When that purpose is important enough to the community and the problem it addresses persists long enough, the solution becomes part of the overall problem-solving device of the society.  The society engenders a governance which is the arrangement spoken or unspoken that provides for the balance of rights and responsibilities among the members of the community.

T.S. Kuhn named the combination of the manifest purpose and the governance of a society, a paradigm.  This phenomenon is so self-evidently true that it can even be witnessed by observing the routine actions of a society of a colony of bees.

Complex human societies then establish governments to facilitate governance and to manage the assets and the affairs of the State.

2 – Paradigms, once established last so long as the problem they address or until the paradigm fails to serve the purpose of the society.

3 – Paradigms evolve by challenge and compromise.  The United States seems to have done this well until now.

If a radical challenge is persuasive enough to cause half of the members of the society to falter or to denounce their commitment to the establishment paradigm, one of the following events must occur for the paradigm to survive.

  • The establishment paradigm must incorporate the challenging theory, or
  • The establishment paradigm must aggressively confront the challenge and persuade the fallen away members to recommit to the establishment paradigm.  In this case, Americanism, or
  • The society must shift the paradigm to an alternative theory that is consistent with the paradigm and acceptable to the challenging theory.  In this case Globalism, or
  • If none of the above efforts are successful, the chaos will continue until the paradigm goes into crisis and the society disintegrates.

The social future of the United States seems predictable.

  1. Globalism has effectively challenged the establishment paradigm of Americanism.
  2. Americanism cannot incorporate Globalism.  The theories are incommensurate.
  3. The Society cannot shift the paradigm.  There is no room for compromise and concession is not an option.
  4. The Society must assume that the 2020 national elections do not provide a valid assessment of the degree of commitment of the population.  Voters are only a small portion of the total population, but elections are indicative.  The 2020 elections were unusually tumultuous and constitute a non-evolutionary hostile regime change.


There are two problems.

1 – The establishment paradigm of the United States, Americanism, has been challenged with the anti-establishment World Order theory of Globalism.  The challenge has been effective, and the anti-American forces seem to have the upper hand as of July 2022.  This could not have happened without the knowledge and consent of the Trilateral Commission.

2- The public is not aware of this crisis.  The information channels are diverting the public attention to the distraction the conflict between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party provides concerning everyday transitory, superficial matters.  The most current crisis is the unfortunate conflict between Russia and Ukraine which is being pushed to a crisis event by the Trilateral Commission.  A belated and apparently inordinate amount of $40 billion was awarded to the Ukraine by Congress on May 10, 2022.  Diversion and distraction provide a standard smoke screen for deception in disinformation.  Again, this could not be happening in the United States without the knowledge and consent of the Trilateral Commission.

The government of the United States cannot adequately accommodate or represent Globalism.  Before a regime change of government is attempted in the process of a Velvet Revolution, commitment to the structure of the social system is first minimized.  Currently the Globalists in each of the political parties effectively thwart rational discourse.  The reasonable progression towards the resolution of a disagreement is to begin at a point of mutual agreement.  The government of the United States is hobbled if the political parties in discord cannot agree on Americanism.

If all political parties and their leadership would pledge a commitment to Americanism consistent with the standard oath of office, the future would be secure and political discussions would have a point of common agreement from which to depart.  That is Americanism!


Problems with a solution are puzzles.  The required solutions for these problems are as follows:

1 - Elevate the level of awareness of the Trilateral Commission and the threat it represents to Americanism.
2 - Revitalize the commitment to Americanism.

 The most indispensable action necessary to support Americanism is to identify Anti-Americanism and reject it.


  • The elements and activities of our society are not merging well to produce the satisfaction and security that is desired.  There are dozens of anti-establishment advocacy groups in existence to verify this observation.
  • The question is whether this outpouring of discontentment represents a general denouncement of the establishment paradigm to be followed by the inevitable disintegration of the system, or if there is some central challenge that should be identified, understood, and dealt with.
  • Can elevation of awareness of the predicament and refocusing on the purpose of our society revitalize the establishment paradigm? It is necessary to identify the opposition in order to engage it effectively.
  • Therein are the seeds of grassroots activism.

  Again, the most indispensable action necessary to support Americanism is to identify Anti-Americanism and reject it.

Let us concentrate on the Solutions!


Granted the prior observations, how can an individual American contribute to the defeat of the Trilateral Commission?

It is not necessary to defeat or even engage the Trilateral Commission for Americanism to emerge victorious.

Victory is not for us to win.  Victory is ours to lose through inactivity.

If the media would publish the story and juxtapose Globalism and Americanism, Globalism would wilt in the comparison.  Americanism would win by default.  However, the newspapers withhold the truth.  Media is controlled by the Trilateral Commission!

How then can the average American even express an opinion?

  • Spread the truth by word of mouth and by example.
  • Let the Anti-American proponents defy the truth as their position and as their defense.
  • Let the truth and word of mouth be your sword and shield.
  • It is not necessary to sell Americans on Americanism.  It is sufficient to simply remind them what it means to be an American!

The most indispensable action necessary to support Americanism, is to identify Anti-Americanism and reject it.

The Trilateral Commission proposes to appropriate the wealth of the United States (of about 334 million people) and redistribute it to provide sustenance to the rest of the world (about 7.9 billion people).  People who do not live under the auspices of Americanism might find Globalism to be arguably the theory for the second most favorable paradigm and system of governance for the world.  However, that is un-American.  It is in keeping with the hedonism and materialism of Globalism.

If one was not an American citizen, subject to the paradigm of Americanism and protected by the provisions of the Constitution, a promise for the redistribution of wealth, culminating in food, clothing, and shelter for everyone, might be a desirable objective.  However, it is not enough to live merely to provide the sustenance for others as Globalism purports.

The Trilateral Commission wishes, in their words, to level the playing field.

Yet they wish to overlook the fact that civilization began on a level field.  Must we demonstrate again that man does not live by bread alone?

Without a safe life, a secure opportunity to choose freely, and encouragement for the pursuit of happiness, the Globalists version of utopia does not resemble Paradise.

The United States has always helped the less fortunate, but not by jumping into the shark infested waters with them.  We have learned that it is more effective to stand on solid footing and extend a lifeline.

With Americanism to count on, the Lord and His people provide the daily bread.  Without a safe life, a secure liberty, and the encouragement to pursue happiness, how rewarding can Global Utopia be?


Here is an example of the effectiveness of exposing pernicious intentions while allowing the Devil to take his due.

     In the fall of 1958, there was a rash of events in Spain when men were exposing themselves to unescorted women to shock them.  These events began in Madrid and copycats followed suit in other cities around the country.

      Back in Madrid an unaccompanied woman was window shopping when she sensed someone approach her closely on her left.  The shop window was large so there was no cause for her to be crowded.  She shifted her gaze from the objects behind the glass to the reflection on the window.

      There stood a man in a topcoat watching her face over her left shoulder.  His hands were placed on his coat as in preparation to open it.  She paused to collect her wits and then turned explosively toward the man and grasped his coat at button row.  He turned away and his coat came open.

      The woman pointed her finger critically and began to laugh uproariously.  Immediately there formed a group of passersby who laughed and pointed at the ridiculous exhibition.  The man broke loose and ran away!

     The national newspaper published the story.  There were no further incidents!

Let the same be done to the Trilateral Commission and reveal what they are up to.  Make these issues a frequent topic of conversation.  Ask the sources from which you get your information to discuss the New World Order, Globalism, the Trilateral Commission, and the Open Society.  Ask them why they have not done so before this.  

Be critical of what you allow into your mind.  It has become common place for the media to conspire industry wide to distort the truth as reported.  They are protected by the First Amendment and motivated by the supposed desire to do the greatest good for the greatest number of the masses.

Recommit yourself to Americanism and shun politicians and would be civic leaders who do not profess to be an American.  People who are lukewarm are not committed.  Let the yeahs be yeah and the nays be nay!



1 – Know yourself

  • If you propose to be an American you owe it to yourself to read again the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights, (readily available from the Heritage Foundation in their Pocket Constitution Booklet, or on-line at under America's Founding Documents), and the Ten Commandments.  
  • Be critical of what you allow into your mind.  The standards of honor and integrity that once prevailed voluntarily for public announcements to avoid deception and confusion can no longer be relied upon.
  • Join with like-minded individuals, with truth and word of mouth as your sword and shield.

2 – Know your enemy

  • The average American mind cannot conceive of an organization that might bring about the demise of Americanism.  Nor can the average American mind comprehend an organization that might want to do so.
  •  The Trilateral Commission exploits these misconceptions.
  •  Democratic Socialism dismisses these disbeliefs.  Democratic Socialism is not a product of the Democratic Party as the similarity of names might suggest.  It has been prevalent in Europe for years.  Democratic Socialism was definitively rejected by the voters in England in 2016.

Bernie Sanders built his bid for the presidency that year on that discredited concept.  It carried him to fame in the presidential race in 2020.  Democratic Socialism is intrinsic to Globalism.  “Mark my words, either we get control of our border, or America disappears into the melting pot of the New World Order, amalgamated as one more socialist entity answering to the United Nations.”  For a revealing look at Democratic Socialism, (see Michael Savage's book, Liberalism is a Mental Disorder written in 2005)

Indoctrinated supporters are expected to comply as they do because Democratic Socialism requires indiscriminate compliance with the dictates of the day.  For example, as the now President Joe Biden once said, “If ya don't vote for me ya ain't black.”  That's demeaning!

William Jefferson Clinton claimed to be the first black U.S. President and he was not referring to the color of his skin.  It could be said that if “ya” don't comply indiscriminately with the inference of the day, “ya ain't Woke.”  “Woke” is what makes anti-establishmentarianism, Anti-Americanism.  Democratic Socialism is Liberalism and Liberalism is anti-establishmentarianism.

  • Avoid distractions and devote your time, treasure, and talent to your survival if you are an American.
  • Connect with and support like-minded people.  The social structure of the United States lingers, but commitment to the paradigm of Americanism is anemic.

  The most indispensable action necessary to support Americanism, is to identify Anti-Americanism and reject it.

3 – Take action

  • Elevate the awareness of the Trilateral Commission and the threat it represents to the American way of life.  Political party preference is not a distinguishing factor.  Both Democrats and Republicans are Trilateral territory.
  • Revitalize the commitment to Americanism!  Americans need one fast, reliable test for distinguishing thoughts, words, organizations, and individuals that represent Americanism from others that do not.  The best test is the concept of Americanism itself.
  • Strengthening Americanism would disarm Globalism.  It is not necessary that American acts, efforts, and intentions should defeat Globalism.  It only needs to be defied.  It is sufficient that Globalism be neutralized.
  • Wear, display and distribute I Am An American emblems.
  • Elevate awareness of Americanism and foster commitment in school children, in church affairs, family members, elders, and associates.
  • Word of mouth!  Exchange ideas.  You cannot be a faithful American and at the same time embrace Globalism, but it is useful to know what Anti-Americans have in mind.


The current chaos in the United States cannot be understood from a political perspective. It is a sociological phenomenon. In military terms, this is psychological warfare.

We, the people of the United States, are being inaccurately educated, ill-informed, and deceived. We are being misled and poorly represented.

The Trilateral Commission has assembled the unrelated, vociferous, disgruntled, anti-establishment elements that are inherent in democratic processes under the banner of Globalism. The Trilateral Commission is backed by the United Nations, which is majorly financed by the United States. The Trilateral Commission, with the substantial support of both leading political parties of the United States, is in the process of dislodging Americanism and replacing it with Globalism.

The Trilateral Commission must replace Americanism with Globalism to consolidate the imposition of the New World Order here and abroad. The Trilateral Commission must first divest Americanism of paradigm status and then gain the commitment of substantially more than half of the entire United States population to succeed.

Commitment is the issue.

The Trilateral Commission seems to have the upper hand at the time of this writing, but an elevated level of awareness of the challenge and repatriation to Americanism will stave off Globalism.

Recognize Anti- Americanism and reject it!