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We, the people of the United States, are experiencing a hostile regime change.  The 2020 National election in the United States was revolutionary and resulted in a regime change as a victory for the anti-establishment theory represented by Globalism and the New World Order.

This time it is different

Globalism is being sold to us in pieces and comes together in the New World Order as a challenge to Americanism.  Regime change does not imply the necessary demise of the establishment paradigm.  The U.S. Constitution provides for controlled regime change every four years.  This time the question is not simply who should steer the Ship of State, but inherent in that choice is a major change of direction.

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What occurred is self-evidently and unequivocally a revolution.

Non-evolutionary change is revolutionary change by definition.

The motivation for the action was to counteract the established beliefs, traditions, customs, and laws of our Nation. 

The chaos and turmoil that plagued the past five years have been an open and blatant challenge to the established order.  The cost and organization of this opposition were beyond the capacity of either political party.  What is the suspected source of the challenge? Probably the two leading political parties together could not have managed the 2020 upheaval.

Moreover, the antisocial behavior would not benefit either party in the aftermath.

There were over 12,000 incidents of destructive antisocial behavior during 2020 alone.

The surge of the New World Order benefited from the crisis in the United States and has the power, the organizational ability, and the legal latitude to have orchestrated the revolution.  It is assumptive and audacious to suggest that the international organization known as the Trilateral Commission, which created and supports the New World Order and Globalism, is responsible for this “Velvet Revolution”.  

The name, “Velvet Revolution,” reflects their methodology for hostile regime change and is consistent with their mode of operation.  There is no evidence of any other organization that might have accomplished the feat.  

Globalism abolishes Americanism, the traditional American way of life, which includes capitalism, private property, and personal independence.

Advocates of Americanism

The international Trilateral Commission operates in the United States as the Open Society Institute.  The Institute has divided its funds into 500 Open Society Funds headed by George Soros. They direct hundreds of supporting action groups including the leadership of both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party, at least through acquiescence. Black Lives Matter, along with an interesting array of other politically active groups including ANTIFA, has unmatched influence and power.  It is a coalition for an ideological crusade.

It is a composite of legal entities conducting a “Velvet Revolution” to install Globalism in the United States.

Either by intent or by effect, slightly more than half of the voting population denounced the establishment paradigm in the 2020 National election.  The establishment paradigm is irrefutably Americanism.

It is illogical to suppose that qualified voters with a basic education would knowingly denounce Americanism.

Americanism is that paradigm that has as its central theory the contention that

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal,
that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights,
that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

California Coalition of War Veterans
California Coalition of War Veterans

The Constitution of the United States

Is part of that paradigm of Americanism and serves to promote, preserve, and protect Americanism.  However, it is in vogue to create confusion regarding Americanism and reference to patriots as American.

Many institutions of higher learning argue that the terms Americanism and American are ambiguous and nonsensical and should therefore be excluded from didactic discussions.  According to this thinking, Americanism is not a paradigm.  It is not a problem-solving device for society.                That thinking is false!

A contrary consideration begins with the definition of a society

A society is two or more individuals working together for the accomplishment of a common purpose.  

When that purpose is important enough to the community and the problem or problems it addresses persists for a sufficient time, the solution of the problem becomes paradigmatic.  It becomes part of the problem-solving device of the community by virtue of commitment.

Commitment is the essential ingredient.  

That social phenomenon was investigated and named a paradigm by T.S. Kuhn, a professor of science history who was investigating how scientific breakthroughs occur.

California Coalition of War Veterans

It is irrefutable

That the establishment paradigm of the United States is based on the consideration that an American is an individual committed to Americanism.

The failure to recognize and accept Americanism as the establishment paradigm of the United States is unintelligent and deceptive.

The communications and the entertainment communities complicit in the New World Order convinced the voting public that the 2020 National elections were a kind of spectator-sporting event.  The presidential candidates were promoted as contenders in an athletic contest.  The voters in the role of spectators were induced to choose the most congenial contestant.  Diverted from the major issues of administration of the country the election became a distracting popularity contest.

California Coalition of War Veterans

 The Directors of the New World Order

As unseen promoters, presented the winner with a nation in chaos as a prize.  Americanism has been effectively demeaned.

Americanism is the unstated paste that holds the United States society together.  Globalism is antithetical to Americanism.

California Coalition of War Veterans

The sociological significance of this voter anomaly

Is more critical than are the political ramifications, which are transient.  Compliance to governance can be compelled or purchased. But, for a system to be unassailable, it must have the commitment of the community to generate paradigm power.

Our purpose, Advocates of Americanism, is to elevate awareness of Americanism by educating the public regarding the pillars of the Quality of Life: Safety, Security, Health, and Happiness.  The pillar of Security is dependent upon the strength of the paradigm of the country.

Review of our Purpose

California Coalition of War Veterans

National and international forces are effectively challenging the establishment paradigm of the United States, Americanism.  The anti-establishment, anti-American forces are brought together under the New World Order.  The New World Order, directed by the Trilateral Commission and supported by the United Nations has as its central theory, Globalism.


Globalism and Americanism are incommensurate theories.  They cannot function in the same paradigm.
The New World Order must dispense with Americanism in order to reach its goal of worldwide assimilation.

Americanism is that paradigm that has as its central theory the contention that


"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal,
that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights,
that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."


Following from that an American is a person committed to Americanism.

The Constitution is part of the paradigm to Promote, Preserve and Protect Americanism.

Commitment is the key.

A population can be compelled to comply with force, or induced to comply with benefits promised or real.  However, for a society to exist with its own paradigm the population must commit to that paradigm.

Commitment is a choice made where there is no acceptable alternative.

In the 2020 United States national elections the anti-American forces presented a deceptive choice between commitment to Americanism and abandonment of that paradigm as a simple choice in a political election.  Unless commitment is reconfirmed to Americanism, the paradigm of Americanism will go into crisis and disintegrate.  As a result the society would decompose.  That condition is the crisis that has already begun to manifest itself because of the election.

We advocate for the Optimization of the Quality of Life for all Americans, especially in these ways:

  • Recommitment to the paradigm of Americanism is American
  • Proudly standing as an American is Americanism
  • Aiding veterans’ groups obtain the benefits available to their members is American
  • Offering our physical and financial support to groups that support active military service personnel such as the USO is American
  • Coordinating efforts of veterans’ groups and providing lobbying assistance is American
  • Gratitude to God for your family and America is American
  • Educating students regarding Americanism is American

We reject the following as un-American

  • Avoidable injury to people is un-American
  • Damage to property is un-American
  • Lack of charity to others is un-American
  • Disrespect for the law is un-American
  • Lack of gratitude for God and family is un-American
  • Globalism is un-American
California Coalition of War Veterans