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Americanism is the establishment paradigm of the United States.

Americanism is the central theory which guarantees support in the pursuit of Happiness.


Happiness is the gratification that results from the realization of your potential.  Consequently, your greatest happiness will result from the greatest realization of your greatest potential.


One of the greatest potentials of an American is to help others enjoy Americanism and to leave a legacy of Americanism as a tribute to our self-evident Creator.


We share these aspirations with you.  Together we must:

  1. Relearn what Americanism is and strengthen our commitment to it.
  2. Learn about our elected officials in local, state, and federal office.
  3. Participate in social groups such as church groups and parent/teacher groups where Americanism can be discussed and supported.
  4. Use your treasure and your time patriotically.  Americanism requires commitment.  Please contact us below to receive a Badge that shows your commitment to Americanism.  Join the crusade and help others in the revitalization of Americanism.



Petitions are a hallmark of humanity. We have as the classic example: seek and you will find, go and the way will be open to you, ask and you shall receive.

Join with “us” in stating our petitions. In this instance, “us” means you and me along with other like-minded Americans.

  1. We petition the people of the United States to take cognizance of the fact that their Quality of Life depends upon Americanism. We further petition them to learn about Americanism so as to be able to identify Anti-Americanism and denounce it.
  2. We petition the people of the United States to learn and understand the relationship between the ultimate creator, who is a scientific and philosophically demonstrable entity, and God, who is a matter of belief. Humans live more according to what they believe than what they know. Americanism incorporates both.
  3. We petition the people involved with education to teach Americanism first and then by contrast and comparison whatever else is true and reasonable. That supports Americanism!
  4. We petition the people who make laws and those who interpret and enforce those laws to remember that justice without mercy is tyranny. Mercy without justice is charity. Americanism provides a balance.
  5. We petition elected officials to honor their Oath of Office. Tacit or implied in that oath is the pledge to promote, preserve and protect Americanism. Every oath of office, including that of the President, includes an oath of compliance with, and support of, the Constitution.  Compliance with the Constitution, along with preservation and protection, requires at least tacit commitment to the paradigm of Americanism.  The central theory of which is enshrined in the preamble of the Declaration of Independence.
  6. We petition the people who are members of Congress, that each of them represents all of us; they are elected to resolve differences within the parameters of Americanism.
  7. We petition the people of the United States to reconfirm that the basic unit of the society is the family and not the individual. A society based on the individual as the fundamental unity endures only one generation. The term family has been redefined to the extent of ambiguity. The family that is basic to a society and in which the society has an existential interest is that of a child and its parents.  That is the family that is fundamental to Americanism.
  8. We petition the people of the United States to choose newspapers and electronic providers of news and other information that explain the New World Order, the theory of Globalism, the Trilateral Commission, George Soros, the Open Society, and The Great Reset.  Ask them to confirm or challenge the information contained in this website. Be aware of the prevalence of propaganda. Books are more reliable sources of information than are other sources that are granted liberties without liability.
  9. We petition the people of the United States to ask organizations and gatherings to which you attend, to make known the stance of the group on Americanism.  Is it hostile, favorable, or uninformed?  Use Americanism and the Pledge of Allegiance as a topic of conversation and as a litmus test for sociopolitical decisions.  Learn the views of politicians, teachers, and other proselytizers before accepting whatever they are handing out.
  10. We petition YOU to work where you are and grow. At the same time help finance the work that is necessary to elevate the awareness of the public, actualize our petitions and bring them to fruition, and revitalize the commitment to Americanism.
  11. We petition all Veterans to continue to defy Anti-Americanism now, as definitively as you did when you were in uniform.  You are the heart and spirit of Americanism.  Thank you!
  12. We petition the people of the United States to "buy and hold" an ounce of gold!  Get an ounce for each member of your family.  If the head of every family will do the same, a potential of 343 million ounces of gold will be taken off the market in favor of the American economy.  That will more than double the gold reserves currently supporting the dollar, which was 261M ounces as of 2018, and will increase the value of every ounce of gold and the strength of every dollar.  That will help stave off the effort to hyper inflate the economy, and devaluate our money. All this, by simply relocating some of your savings.  This is true solidarity and mutual support.  This will  thwart "The Great Reset".  Alan Greenspan who was the head of the Federal Reserve was a Trilateralist. Advocates of Americanism will help defray the minimal cost of acquiring your gold.  Arrangements have been made with Albany Coin Exchange ( to reduce the cost of transfer and delivery, in support of Americanism.  When you tell them that you are responding to this offer, they will accommodate you with the reduced price of transfer costs.  You will still enjoy the market price for your gold. You can also contact See below.

FLASH*  Globalism has been designated “The Great Reset” 



California Coalition of War Veterans
The Great Reset

Americanism is the targeted antagonist of "The Great Reset".

Americanism counters "The Great Reset".

 (See Glenn Beck’s recent Best Seller “The Great Reset” Jan. 2022, especially chapter 5)

Americanism transcends all political parties.

Americanism Unites.

Americanism is the pathway to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness for all.


Participate and send your support to Advocates of Americanism. Checks, money orders, credit cards, and pledges are gratefully accepted.

We have a badge, a lapel pin, and a boutonniere to offer you as handouts.  One badge is yours upon request, donation optional.  Order them in bulk at replacement cost, (badge $5, lapel pin $7, boutonniere $1000), deduct cost from your income tax, and use them as handouts.

"To Buy and Hold an Ounce of Gold" at a courtesy discount mention this website.      For over the counter sales go to Albany Coin Exchange at 1107 Solano Avenue  Albany CA 94706  Tel: 510-526-1772.  For online sales go to Tel: 800-375-9006.

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